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Professional support for business processes on the B2B and B2C market thanks to dedicated systems.

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Close cooperation with customers from various branches and end users is the basis of our common success.

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We build knowledge about processes and optimal solutions based on many years of cooperation with partners.

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Business with a Head in the Cloud

dedicated systems | databases | user support

programming | databases | dedicated applications

Beatrix is a secure and complete solution for managing the distribution of pay TV content.
  • a modern and unique tool for comprehensive management of advanced business processes and management of paid subscriptions,
  • a system enabling safe and immediate access to complete and up-to-date data on contracts, subscribers, invoices and the current payment status,
  • extremely efficient and easy-to-use software that facilitates data management at every stage of its processing,
  • a system tailored to the individual business needs of the client, and at the same time constantly developed and adapted to the changing market requirements.
Zrzut ekranu Beatrix
Zrzut ekranu leasing365
Holistic system of financial services management. It connects and harmonizes all financial service procedures.
It provides professional and comprehensive support for all processes and activities related to the service and management of leasing contracts. The logic and automation of the system minimize the costs and time of transaction service, allow to strengthen the company's sales potential and the rapid development of tools, products and sales network.
A web-based system that allows you to manage production processes since the order is accepted, through the distribution of work to subcontractors and their settlement, until the order is closed with the ordering party.
Thanks to the system, continuous supervision and immediate control of work stages, along with their reporting, is possible. The system also allows for quality control, profiling of subcontractors to specific types of orders and automatically appoints available and optimal contractors for a given task (calendar module).
A system based on the www technology, enabling the management of contacts with principals and subcontractors. It allows you to control and schedule events in the company and events in relation to other companies.
It sends appropriate messages and reminds you about important events. It also allows you to manage mailings to individual subcontractors and principals. System works in the field of communication, marketing and company visualization.
About us
InfoSEB is a dynamic company specializing in the implementation of comprehensive IT projects, precisely tailored to the needs of the market and the changing preferences of customers. It offers optimal business solutions based on modern technologies, reliable cooperation systems and high-quality IT tools.
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Company operates on the Polish and foreign market. It has an experienced team of specialists and experts in various areas of the computer science and advanced technologies. The company's mission is to constantly develop and improve its own IT projects in close cooperation with clients and business partners.


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