System is designated for a wide range understood management of the contracts based on subscription and their settlements with the customers.
Nowadays, beyond the general modules, system contains specialized parameters and methods dedicated for television industry, to manage subscribers handling processes from side of signal Broadcaster and Customer as well. It supports processes starting from gathering the information about TV channels subscribers, through generation of invoices and distribution them into local representatives (language localized documents), until after debt recovery processes, CAM and smartcards handling.
Beatrix is a system centrally processing information registered locally by the representatives of Company or Customers. It allows for immediate information access and rapid reporting of the trends. Every information and document (invoice, dunning note etc.) is available both at Headquarter, local office or at Customer’s.Through its support for of processes, the mass information processing and immediate data transfer, operations related to generation of invoices, dunning notes and alarms informing about missing data, can be handled immediately and by a small group of persons.
In addition, Beatrix has implemented advanced parameters configuration mechanisms for invoicing process. This module is fully integrated with Oracle Financial, and also supports debt recovery processes based on the same program. System is also extended with a record keeping module for CAM and smartcards registration and permissions granting to them.
Beatrix also has specialized reporting and control mechanisms and unique, secure data access levels and mechanisms.


System based on WWW technology. Allows to manage production processes beginning with order acceptance, through work disposal to subcontractors and their clearance, till closing the order with customer. System makes possible constant monitoring and immediate verification of work stages including reporting. System also enables possibility of quality inspection, profiling subcontractors for specific order kinds and will automatically designate available and most optimal subcontractors for specified task.

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System basing on WWW technology, making possible customers and contractors agreements management. Enables monitoring and scheduling of events within company and in relation to other companies. System also allows to manage the mailing to particular subcontractors and customers. Works within range of communication, marketing and visualization areas of the company.

* This system allows to consolidate communication of the company with its counterparts.

* To perform above there are available functionalities allowing to contact with the customer through dedicated forms for customers and to handle mass e-mail sending

* Each of the customers, the system access has been granted can enter its own information or replay to the questions submitted.

Business operations portal

Multilingual business portal, allowing to place commercial advertisements and associate users interested in with this announcement. Service allows anonymous user to review announcements and also search offers using advanced criteria. It gives possibility to register an user account in the portal, allowing at same time to publish free business advertisements and to ask for offer owner contact data. Registered user can edit his data and manage advertisements published by himself. Registered or anonymous user can send query to the portal using dedicated page. For registered users portal enables additional paid services:

* Daily e-mail notification about new announcements meeting defined by user criteria,

* Placing advertisements on portal pages as graphic files with possibility of new page open,

* Service support with evaluation of pointed announcement,

* Placing commercial announcements with contact data and short description.

All additional paid services can be purchased for defined period of time. Portal also provides possibility of on-line bank transfers for paid services. To manage the portal, administrators can use administration panel where monitoring, announce, offers and users management is available. This panel has implemented the Newsletter module allowing definition and newsletters sending to portal users. Administrators can also manage the dictionaries of the offer features and system parameters as well. They can review history of changes done by offer owner. There is also available functionality of changes review done by administrator within defined time range. Administrator is also allowed to manage price-list and purchased paid services.